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We specialise in commercial replacement fridge door seals and freezer door seals.

Fridge door seals and freezer door seals need checking on a regular basis to make sure they meet the high standards required for food safety. If they are damaged or split or fail to hold the door tightly shut, they have to be replaced to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Before the Fita-Seal service was available this was a costly issue to deal with and took several weeks to complete.

Fita-Seal have a special range of generic seal profiles that can replace 95% of all fridge door seals and freezer door seals. For the remaining 5% of obsolete door seals we have a replacement system called seal-track, which can upgrade any fridge door seal or freezer door seal in the UK.

We manufacture your replacement seal immediately on-site in the UK, meaning there is no lead time between surveying the problem and producing the new door seal. Once the door seal has been manufactured it is a simple process to fit it to the fridge or freezer. Every option and style of fitting is accommodated in the Fita-Seal mobile workshop.

Once fitted, we assign an asset number to each seal and record this in our seal management database. This ensures we have all your technical details and can provide instant replacements in the future.

For cost effective supply and fitting of replacement fridge door seals and freezer door seals, wherever you are in the UK, contact Fita-Seal.